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Exclusive to LightBulb PLC

The “Fit and Forget” LED replacement for linear tungsten halogen lamps used in outdoor floodlights. With 5 years warranty and 98% savings in energy this is an exciting product available exclusivly from LightBulb PLC.

T8 LED Tubes

Once fitted the T8 LED Tubes are guaranteed to last for 10,000 hours or 2 Years providing huge savings not only with Energy Costs but Reduced Maintenance Costs.

LED Reflector Lamps

LightBulb International PLC has a new and exciting range of LED Lamps, including Par lamps, GU10 lamps and MR16.

  • LED Security Lights
  • T8 LED Tubes
  • LED Reflector Lamps

Saves 98% in Energy

98% improved efficiency dramatically increases energy savings creating cost recovery payback in under 12 months

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Under 1 year payback time

LightBulb LED Security Lights offer a payback time of under 1 year. This is based on an useage of 3 hours per day.

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Saves £260 over 5 years

With a 50,000 hour lamp life you can save £260 over 5 years. See our costs & repayments chart for further information

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watt beater R7s Retrofit lamp

7 watt, 74 lumen/watt, high output LED bulb for exterior floodlights

Buy OnlineLightBulb watt beater 7w R7s retrofit lamp is a wide-angle 7W LED lamp, designed to replace the standard J-type double ended halogen bulb. It uses cool white LED’s in combination with patented heat dissipation circuitry and focusing optical technology.

The LightBulb watt beater, 7w R7s retrofit lamp eliminates the need for linear tungsten halogen bulbs. It replaces them with a 7w equivalent, providing a tremendous 98% savings in energy, so providing an unrivalled LED efficiency of 74 lumens per watt.
  • “Fit and Forget” Format - Utilizes circuitry and optics to provide maximum lumens in a simple “fit and forget” format.
  • Dramatic efficiency - 98% improved efficiency dramatically increases energy savings creating cost recovery payback in under 12 months.
  • Simple, snap-in replacement - No enclosure modification necessary. Exact replacement for existing linear tungsten halogen lamps. Ideal for use in damp or wet locations.
  • Runs cool, stays cool - Heat management technology keeps the bulb and circuitry cool, extending the lifetime of the bulb and ensuring the lowest internal running temperature of any device of its kind.
  • Reduced light pollution - Custom designed, bespoke, optical lenses maximize lumens whilst reducing light pollution by projecting a controlled 45 degree beam.
  • Up to Spec - Conforms to Institute of Lighting Engineers guidance for outdoor security lighting. Meets UK Building Regulation 2010 Part “L” specifications
  • Pervasive Power - Available in 230v and 120v power inputs.
  • Light output and efficiency independently confirmed by The Lighting Association Laboratory (UK)

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